Noosa River - Weyba Creek and Lake Weyba


Lake Weyba is a very shallow tidal lake that drains through Weyba Creek into the Noosa Rive, not far from the mouth. It is about six kilometres from the Noosa River mouth up the creek to the lake. At its widest (about north south) Weyba is four kilometres across. Not only is the lake shallow, but the bottom shelves out very gradually from the shore.

You can launch almost anywhere along the creek on the western bank, start from back at the Noosa River, or put in on the western lakeside at Weyba Downs, pictured above. Use your street directory to approach down Weyba Drive. If you want to paddle up Eenie Creek, put in at the southern end of Weyba Road on a high tide.


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canal estate lower Weyba Creek Weyba Creek viewed from Weyba Drive Shelter and park, Weyba Drive at the lake looking across the lake
lower Weyba Ck
Weyba Drive
lake from end of Weyba Dr
looking across lake