Moreton Bay - St Helena Island
view from St Helena jetty to historic ruins

St Helena Island (Noogoon) is a fair sized island that lies between Mud Island and Green Island, quite close to the mainland at Fisherman's Island. The island is about 70 hectares in size, and close to 2.0 kilometres north south and half a kilometre east west. There is a sizeable amount of mangrove foreshore on the eastern coast. The southern third of the island is open to the public, the middle third is National Park limited access (with a guide only) and the northern third has a couple of buildings and several high antenna towers with associated radio transmission buildings. The island was a prison from 1867 to 1932, and has the remnants of locally quarried stone buildings still present. Cattle graze, and on a windless day, mosquitos torment the visitor.

The closest launch point is the boat ramp at Fisherman's Island. There is firm sand beside the concrete ramp. It is only six kilometres across to the island. If the trip is undertaken at more than two hours before the top of the tide, or more than two after high tide, a long mudbank can add on four more kilometres each way, to the trip.

The hoop pine trees and buildings help distinguish St Helens from Green Island to the right, and Mud Island to the left. There is a jetty and causeway at the south west end of the island. The tiny sandy beach to the immediate east of the jetty has good all tide access. Further east along the southern coast there may be an eighty metres of rock and mud to cross to the land, at low tide.

If returning at higher tide to the Fisherman's Island ramp from St Helena jetty, aim for the group of three TV towers on far off Mt Coot-tha to round the corner. At lower water, aim for the forest of yacht masts at the Manly Boat Harbour, to round the long mudbank.

No camping is permitted. Mud Island is five kilometres north, and the Sandhills on Moreton Island are another 14 kilometres past Mud.

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ramp boat passage all tide landing east of jetty road to limit of public access ruins
Boat Passage ramp
causeway and jetty
track to ruins
tour access only