South Pine River


The South Pine River joins the North Pine River just upstream from the Bruce Highway bridge, Bald Hills. Tinchi Tamba is next door, to the east, downriver. This is a tidal mangrove area. It offers pleasent quiet paddling with the opportunity to explore some smaller side creeks, where the branches meet overhead, and the water is a river of green sliding unseen beneath the trees. Some of the shoreline close to the launch point at Barungwarra Bushland Reserve has PRIVATE PROPERTY signs on it.

Access is from the Bruce Highway at Strathpine Road exit. Follow Bald Hills Road as far as Attunga Street on the left, and turn right at the boat ramp sign, staying right, next to the freeway, to the carpark. Other launch points are from Bob Bell Park (off Leamonth Street)., Note that Bob Bell Park is the last upstream access. Various reserves shown on some older street directories do not exist or are inaccessable, such as the Scout Crossing Reserve, Brendale at the upstream end. An earthern embankment runs across the river just downstream of the Albany Creek confluence. Further upstream the river can be stepped across in places. Map navigators should note that Four Mile Creek cannot be paddled to from Four Mile Creek Environmental Reserve (Bell Pocket Road).

On longer paddle trips consider the effects of falling tides and strong winds. While the narrow creek and vegetation does reduce the wind, a strong wind can still make paddling against it a slow and trying slog. The effects of the wind can be minimised by hugging the lee shore. Two hours before and after a high tide are recommended for paddling. Bring an old cloth to wipe down your boat after.

Four Mile Creek, downstream from Barungwarra, is worth visiting (entrance photograph above). If you intend landing at Barungwarra from a downstream launch point, the yellow beach (photo below far right) is the identifier to turn left from South Pine, then left again (see map below). Note that at the top of the tide, the beach is almost totally covered. A closeup satellite photograph and map of the channel are below.


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beach at entrance to channel   small side creek   Closeup of Barungwarra Bushland Reserve   map of reserve
Barungwarra Bushland channel joins river
side creek
sat map of side creeks