Paroo River, Queensland
The Paroo River rises east of Quilpie in far western Queensland, and is about 640 kilometres long. At Humeburn it is joined by Beechal Creek, then flows south to Eulo. Eulo is about 900 kilometres west of Brisbane. From Eulo, where the river is about 30 metres across, it flows to Hungerford on the Queensland New South Wales border passing through Caiwarro in Currawinya National Park on the way. The landscape is typical of far western Queensland. The page below records information gathered about the river, and an email from a local correspondent in Eulo. The General Store including fuel bowsers burnt down in July 2011
Eulo Store
above: Eulo General Store
Eulo website
Thanks for the email.  I have made some enquiries on your behalf with some of the locals who have knowledge of the river.

As far as canoeing the river from Eulo to Hungerford goes, this is only possible when it is running and in moderate flood as it is at the moment.  When not in flood most sections of the river are linkable waterholes with dry channels in between. The section from Caiwarro to Hungerford is drier than the Eulo to Caiwarro section. It is made up of multiple channels but in flood times the main channel is easily distinguished. 

There is a weir at Eulo by the bridge.  The width of the river at this point is approximately 30 metres but varies as you travel down further depending on the channel width.  The weir pool wanders through narrowing channels which enables you to access approximately 1.5kms of water once the river has stopped flowing.

The type of snags you are likely to encounter are the usual ones found in inland rivers eg fallen trees and fences through properties. There is plenty of tree shade cover on the banks of the Paroo.
I have provided you with a link which will show you current river heights


As you would be aware, being in a remote area it is advisable to notify someone of where you are going and your expected arrival date just in case anything does happen along the way.

You would also need to carry ample food and water supplies for the trip.  Eulo has a General Store and Hotel, Hungerford only has a Hotel with limited supplies and there is nothing in between the two towns.  It is approximately 125kms from Eulo to Hungerford.  The weather is reasonably warm, currently around 35° to 38° during the day and around 24° during the night. It would also be advisable to bring Insect Repellent for mosquitos and sandflies but being a canoeist I'm sure you would be aware of this.  The sandflies are not always around but do come for about 2 weeks, 10 days after a flood.

Photographs below: sunset from the bridge at Eulo, 9 February 2008.
Top: looking downstream
Two and three: looking upstream.
The Paroo River started flooding after heavy rain in the last days of November, 2007.
The photos below date from January 2008, and show the floodwaters above the bridge. Water level reached 1.95m above the approaches. The yellow Flood Boat ferries people and supplies over the river for the properties and towns which are cut off from Eulo by flood waters.
vehicle in distance
Flood boat
Flood boat