Oxley River - Tyalgum

The Oxley River is canoeable after heavy rain, from the town of Tyalgum, downstream for about eight kilometres by road, and is only recommended for short plastic kayaks. There are a lot of rock gardens, and a metre and a half waterfall at one point, making it about a medium grade two if you don't portage the falls. It is not recommended as a through paddle down to where it joins the Tweed River at the new bridge on the Murwillumbah Kyogle Road, just the other side of Bray Park, because there seems to be a few places where barbed wire fences cross the river.

The section recommended starts under the E.J. Bartrim bridge, on the eastern edge of Tyalgum. after heavy rain. Get down under the bridge on the southern, town side of the bridge. If the start doesn't look deep enough you will scrape all the way down. Stop and inspect anything you can't see from on the water. Look out for low culverts, low bridges, and barbed wire. Photograph three shows the bridge right on top of the falls. Unfortunately there is little road access on the way down the river, as the bridges and concreted pipe crossings are on locked private access roads.

Recommended pullout spot is where the river leaves the hills. There is a last rapid, a pool, and then a long rock slab leads up the bank to a road cutting. Have a look on the way in, up to Tyalgum. The cutting may be found where the rural letter boxes number around 960 or so on the Tyalgum Road. The rock slab is on the river side of the road, at the Tyalgum end of the cutting (see photograph four below).


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under the bridge Tyalgum   last rapid before pullout pool   bridge just above the falls   rock slab to pull out pool
start, Tyalgum
last rapid
waterfall right after