Oxley Creek

Oxley Creek runs into the Graceville reach of the Brisbane River. This is a tidal mangrove creek that although running through a suburban area looks like unspoilt wilderness. It offers quiet paddling in a narrow corridor of green mangroves, and looks at its best when paddled at the top of the tide.

Access upstream is from the far end of Cliveden Avenue, Oxley, with a 100 metre walk over a grassed park to a pontoon. It is 7 kilometres down to the pontoon at Simpson's Playground, Graceville, next to the Brisbane River. The ramp is along the river a little from the playground, where Oxley Creek joins the Brisbane River. The creek gradually narrows upstream of the Cliveden Avenue pontoon, but there are some four kilometres of paddling to the Ipswich Motorway bridge possible at full tide. If returning, consider the effect of a rising or falling tide.

A third launch option is from the Oxley Creek Common, turning east off Sherwood Road after the Rocklea markets towards Oxley Creek. A large red shed (with toilets) is next to the carpark, and reasonably close to the river. There is a launch pontoon behind the shed, down on Oxley Creek. This has to be the largest open space anywhere near Brisbane. Walk the concrete path to the creek, and decide if the direct route, down the stairs, or the loop around on a smooth path, is for you, and the canoe or kayak you are carrying.

A Brisbane canoeist emailed to say "There is now very good pontoon access at the Oxley Creek Environment Centre (general Public admittance) just on Sherwood Rd. (immediate right turn after crossing the creek going East on Sherwood Rd.)  Toilets, electric BBQ, large picnic shed and taps to hose off the  boats." (see photo below)

There is walk-in access at Nosworthy Park, Hall avenue, to the creek, on a winding 250 metres track, to a muddy bank.

Click on thumbnails below photos to see larger images. The satellite images show Oxley Creek from the Ipswich Motorway bridge(section one) down to the pontoon at Cliveden Avenue pontoon (section three) to Simpson's Playground pontoon (section five).
upstream from Cliveden Ave. pontoon section one downstream of Ipswich M'way section two upstream of Cliveden Ave. pontoon section three downstream of Cliveden Ave. pontoon section four upstream of Sherwood Rd. bridge section 5 upstream from Simpson's Playground upstream from Simpson's Playground pontoon
Oxley Creek Common
Image above: Oxley Creek Commons and Red Shed.(update January 2010)