Nudgee Creek and Boondall Wetlands


Nudgee Creek is a tidal mangrove creek that enters Moreton Bay just north of the Brisbane Airport. Near the Nudgee Creek mouth Nundah Creek loops close, separated from Nudgee Creek by eighty metres of hard surfaced mudflats. Brisbane City Council has provided a wooden boardwalk as a canoe portage trail over to Nundah Creek and the Boondall Wetlands. It offers quiet paddling between mangrove forests, salt marshes, claypans, grasslands and casuarina forests. At the top of higher tides it is possible to paddle in under the mangrove canopy. Care should be exercised at such times that the vegetation is not broken.

Access is from Nudgee Road. At half hightide and more it is possible to launch from the concrete ramp in the seawall at the park entered by Fortitude Street. This will put you 250 metres south of the Nudgee Creek mouth. Alternately, there is a canoe launch point in Nudgee Creek by steps at the left end of O'Quinn Street, next to the water treatment plant.

There is a small concrete boat ramp at the mouth of Cabbage Tree Creek, in Allpass Parade, Shorncliffe if you want to launch on the north side. The peninsular of land bordered by Moreton Bay, Nundah Creek, and Nudgee Creek is the resting place for seabirds that spend summer here before making a long migratory flight to northern Siberian and Artic nesting grounds. Please minimise disturbance to the bayside of the peninsula.

You have the choice of paddling up Nudgee Creek for about 3 kilometres, crossing into Nundah Creek by portage, or in fair conditions, paddling along the bay shoreline to Cabbage Tree Creek, and returning up Nundah Creek. It is suggested that any such venture up Nundah Creek be with the rising tide. There can be a strong tidal race down Nundah creek, and the last major corner on your way up to the portage has the local name, Windy Corner, as it seems to funnel a strong wind against paddlers. Paddling is recommended for two hours before the top of the tide and two hours after. The sandflats in front of Nudgee beach are an amazing kilometre wide at low tide, and there is no access to the mouth of Nudgee creek until well after the tide turns. This is estuary paddling, and wind and tide constantly vary.

Paddlers should be aware that the wind on Moreton Bay often picks up in strength after about 10:00 am. All types of canoe can paddle this section, but Canadian canoes should stay off the bay waters in all but light winds.

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Low tide view of ramp in Fortitude Street park launch steps in Nudgee Creek O'Quinn Street access paddle room under the canopy at high tide low tide view of boardwalk portage to Nundah Creek
Fortitude Street park
Water treatment ramp
paddle under at high tide
low tide