North Pine River


North Pine River flows into Bramble Bay between Redcliffe and Brighton. It is the river seen from the Bruce Highway bridge going north just after the Gateway Arterial joins. The Tinchi Tamba guidebook section is just downstream at Deepwater Bend.. This is a tidal mangrove area. It offers quiet paddling. The upstream sections separate into tidal pools at low tide, but the water is pleasantly clean, and the river bottom is mostly clean gravel with little mud. A reminder that this is estuary paddling, and effected by tide. It is suitable for all types of canoes. If you paddle downstream from the launch point furthermost upstream, Young's Crossing, and come downstream on a falling tide, you will have to portage and walk your boat backupstream, hopping from tidal pool to pool to get back, if you try and return at the bottom of the tide. It really dries out.

Downstream access is from Pine River Road at Murrumba Downs. At the roads end is Acacia Park with a gravelled launch beach. On the opposite side of the river from Acacia Park, South Pine River joins, and Four Mile Creek is close by, just up South Pine. Downstream the Bruce Highway Bridge is close.

There are numerous launch points as you go upstream, and the river separates into tidal pools at low water, upstream from John Oxley Reserve. At high tide it is possible to go the twelve kilometres ftom Acacia Park up to Young's Crossing.

On longer paddle trips consider the effects of falling tides and strong winds. While the closed in river does reduce the wind, a strong wind can still make paddling against it a slow and trying slog. The effects of the wind can be minimised by hugging the lee shore. Two hours before and after a high tide are recommended for paddling. Bring an old cloth to wipe down your boat after.



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looking downstream Leis Park tidal pebble race View from Acacia Park to South Pine River mouth far upstream reach
Leis Park
low tide, pebble race
view upstream Acacia Pk
way upstream