Moogerah Dam, Fassifern Valley


Moogerah Dam is in the Fassifern Valley near Boonah, and is close to the Ipswich to Warwick Cunningham's Highway, before it crosses over Cunningham's Gap. Canoeing here is suitable for all canoes and kayaks, remembering that open areas such as lakes and dams can have wave and wind conditions that make them unsuitable for certain craft, and young paddlers. The lake is not large, and has cleared foreshores with a mountainous background.

Three kilometres off Cunninghams Highway on the Boonah Road the road swings right to Moogerah Dam. The road turns right into the Haigh Park at the dam wall after eleven kilometres, for a view of the lake. Watch out for stock on unfenced roads in these localities. Back out on the road and two kilometres further is Muller Road, and Lake Moogerah Camping Ground. There is a boat ramp on the water side, which is signposted. You will be sharing the water with waterskiers and fishing boats on the weekends. Be prepared for wake waves.

Stay clear of the dam wall. The low water level means that the upstream paddle is limited to about two kilometres from the dam wall. Directly opposite the boat ramp, to the right of the skiers shacks on the far bank is a rocky gorge that runs 250 metres into the side of Mt. Edwards. It is 1200 metres from the ramp to the Gorge, across the lake. Paddle in for a look. If you climb the lower rock shelf on the eastern side where it forms a lot of rock steps, you can sit and watch the tortoises in the water below sufacing to breathe. Be cautious where you climb. On top of the rockwall is a walking track that seems to skirt the shoreline back to the walking path across the dam wall top.

Although the lake area is not large, compared to Wivenhoe Dam, the view is incomparable. Sit in your boat and gaze westwards. To the north-west is the blue silohoutte of Mt Cordeaux, then Mt. Mitchell, then Double Top. Mt. Greville with Waterfall Gorge visible is in the mid-distance, then continuing south-west is Mt. Huntly, Panorama Point, and then Lizard Point.

One day when there has been heavy rain, you will be able to paddle the eight kilometres up from the dam wall to the Mt Greville road. There will also be a 15 metre waterfall into Moogerah Gorge, from a perched creek on the west bank cliff.

This dam seems to be very productive for fisherman. Local advice is for a small yellow plastic lure, and a small black plastic lure to catch Yellowbelly and Bass. Give some thought to taking some ice with you in a hard esky or soft Frij bag to keep fillets cold. You can fish from a canoe.A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish in this dam, $35.00 for one year, or $7.00 for a week.


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entrance to Moogerah Gorge gorge wall looking to the Park at the dam wall Mt. Greville, west from Moogerah
Moogerah Gorge
Moogerah Gorge
western shore
Mt Greville