Mary River- Moy Pocket Bridge to Tuchekoi Bridge


This canoe section is from the Pickering Bridge on Moy Pocket Road, to the Vic Olsen Bridge on Tuchekoi Road. See the map under the INFO button for location. The section is 25 kilometres by river, and twenty three by road. The paddle can be quite demanding for one day. The shuttle road climbs a range on the way, and a summer walk back to the vehicle is not recommended. From Pickering Bridge go back out to the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road, turn left and drive to the Skyring Creek Road turnoff. Tuchekoi Road turns left to the river after twenty two kilometres from the start.

There is further road access eleven kilometres downstream from the start, on Walker Road Bridge. Road access is five and a half kilometres north past the Pickering Bridge along Moy Pocket Road, one kilometres down Walker Road on the right. This is a dead end road. The short track on the north downstream side of the bridge is a farmers access road. Do not block. Note that heavy haul trucks often use the Moy Pocket Road.

At the start, launch just downstream of the bridge. There is a dirt track on the right bank. Show caution about parking at the end of the track all day, or overnight, as the vehicle is completely out of sight of the road. The river trip, in low water conditions is easy grade one paddling, with occasional pebble races as water murmers from pool to pool. The exit point is at the new Vic Olsen Bridge site. About 150m north across the new concrete road bridge, on the left looking north, is a dirt approach road down to the river. A clean sandy path leads steeply to a good exit/launch point just upstream of the new bridge..

Important: The Mary River is a seasonal paddle. Check river height beforehand. Note that the photo above is the OLD VIC OLSEN Bridge ( the new one, only there 5 years, is concrete)

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looking upstream to Pickering Bridge, Moy Pocket Road   looking back, bridge on Walker Road   Mary River launch   looking upstream Vic Olsen Bridge, Tuchekoi Road
Pickering Bridge, start
Walker Rd bridge
view upstream, Tuchekoi Bridge