Maroon Dam


Maroon Dam lies on Burnett Creek two kilometres off to the right from the Boonah to Rathdowney Road, at about the 20 kilometres mark. Alternatively, come in from the south on the Mt. Lindsay Highway to Rathdowney, then come north on the road to Boonah.

After turning in, the first turn to the left will take you to the lookout on the Spillway wall, the road straight ahead will take you to the boat ramp. From the ramp, views include Mt Maroon looming over the dam wall, Mt May across the water, Mt Barney peeking over Mt May's shoulder, and from further out on the water, Mt Wilson is visible straight upstream. Burnett Creek Road runs up the other side of the dam water, but there is no public access that side. Progress upstream is only possible for a short distance in these times of low water. The distance from the dam wall to the furtherest shallows upstream is about five kilometres.

Weekends see waterskiers here. Stay clear of the dam wall. Shown in the third photograph below is the dam wall marked off with red buoys.The close by hills mean less wind on the water, it also means that there is a good chance of frying in the hot still air at midday in Summer. Take care when crossing any large area of the dam. A capsize far from shore is to be avoided. The water is fairly deep, and seems to be a deeper appealing blue colour than that seen in other nearby dams. A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish in this dam, $35.00 for one year, or $7.00 for a week.


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looking from ramp to Spillway and Mt Maroon looking across dam from ramp, near Mt May, far Mt Barney boat ramp on Sunday looking downstream from Burnett Creek Road
view across dam to Mt Maroon
Mt May across dam
ramp seen from wall
Burnett Ck road view of dam