Burton's Bridge to Kholo


This section of the Brisbane River starts from Burton's Bridge on the E. Summerville Road off Pine Mountain Road and runs for 21 kilometres down to Kholo Crossing, Kholo Road , Ipswich. This is a grade one section with a few rapids graded at high grade one, the grading the result of a couple of rapids where the main current sweeps under trees overhanging the bank. Have a look at the photographs below. Manouvering the canoe and tight control is necessary to avoid being pinned in a strainer. Remember that what may be easy at low river levels can be a crunch with little room for error at higher water levels.

The paddle section is the jewel in the crown as far as South East Queensland is concerned. Leave early early to see platypus on the river. Duck, geese, swans,and Fish Eagles are evident. In summer, midday paddling can be like roasting in a furnace. The finish is a long 4 kilometre still water pool broken by only one rapid. The last eight kilometres is also where houses start to appear on the banks, along with PRIVATE PROPERTY and KEEP OUT signs.

Launch access from Burtons Bridge is easy either side of the river, downstream of the new concrete bridge. Downstream two kilometres on the right is the gravel beach of Hills Crossing, with vehicle access 200 metres away.

Several of the rapids to be encountered are shallow water gravel rock banks, and fibreglass canoes and those heavily laden, will want to walk their boats down the rapid. Keep a look out for boulders and rocky bars. Sunglasses will assist in seeing underwater snags. Photograph three below shows a large boulder in mid-stream that pushes the paddler towards a strainer. Take care. Get out and look if you can't see the path to follow.

Note that at the very end just before Kholo, there is a long pool 4 kilometre long. Here the river blind alleys, and the flowing stream moves right 400 metres before the dead end. Keep close to the right bank to pick the turn. Just downstream, stay clear of the pump station, and land either on the upstream side of the bridge on the right, or past the bridge on the left at a gravel bank. Note that vehicles are not secure overnight at this location. Further downstream is a restricted area, being water backupped from the Mt. Crosby water treatment plant weir.

Shuttle distance to Burton's Bridge is about 17 kilometres, with maybe one kilometre less if you take the back road down Riverside Road rather than going out on the Warrego Highway. What a great paddle.


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turn right after the gum tree, approach rapid with caution river grass and overhanging trees shallow left, boulder middle, trees right Kholo Bridge
turn right after tree - caution!
caution- overhanging trees
caution - trees
Kholo Bridge