Moreton Bay - Jacobs Well to JumpinPin


This description starts at Jacobs Well, because it is a good day trip from there down to South Stradbroke Island, but there are other avenues from which to approach the area. Keep in mind that this is part of southern Moreton Bay, a notoriously fickle marine area when it comes to weather. Watch the wind and tide, and if a storm or strong wind front comes through, you may have to retreat to the shore or some small creek to sit it out.

Access is from the Pacific Motorway at Jacobs Well Road exit, Yatala, from the north or Pimpama Jacobs Well Road from the south. At the roads end you will see the car and trailer park on the left at the boat ramp. VMR Volunteer Marine Rescue have a base right next to the ramp. There is a bait shop too. You will be able to launch off a sandy beach between the concrete ramp and a small jetty. I have left my vehicle overnight here several times, but the bait shop guy can point you to an overnight secure storage.

It is about six kilometres down to The Bedroom camping area (Gold Coast City Council), and the Jumpinpin bar is north a couple of kilometres. A lot of houseboats, yachts, fishermen and cruisers are in this area, and there are often up to twenty large boats anchored in a string north from the Bedroom up towards the bar. When possible, stay out of the shipping channel and be prepared for large wave wash.

If you have all day, come down on a falling tide and go back with the rising. At higher tides it is possible to hug the northern mangrove bank all the way down to the Broadwater. At lower tides you will have to follow channel markers, and when you reach the Broadwater near the Bedroom, head north following the markers, before you can get around the sandbanks, and get into the north south channel right next to South Stradbroke Island.

On longer paddle trips consider the effects of falling tides and strong winds. The effects of the wind can be minimised by hugging the lee shore. Be aware that if you are going south down the Broadsound, that a seaplane operates near Tipplers, as do large passenger launches.

Treat the Jumpin Pin bar between North and South Stradbroke Islands with caution. It is recommended that a line is chosen to run in an arc around the western shoreline from south to north, and the same in reverse. In conditions of little wind, the tides and an ocean swell can still send rogue high waves rolling east or west through the main channel at the bar.

Swan Bay on the southern tip of North Straddie offers interesting paddling. It isvery shallow. No fishing permitted. At the higher parts of the tide the north east end of the bay has a small creek heading 100 metres east, that gives access to the southern dunes of North Stradbroke Island.


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The Bedroom Casuarina Tree at The Bedroom Swan Bay JumpinPin bar between North and South Stradbroke Is. North Straddie looking south Creek, Swan Bay Dunes N. Stradbroke
southern tip Nth Stradbroke
creek Swan Bay
dunes southern tip North Stradbroke