Hinze Dam


Hinze Dam is on the Nerang River at the northern end of the Numinbah Valley, behind the Gold Coast, about ten kilometres from Nerang township. Originally built in 1976 it supplies water to the Gold Coast. The total capacity of the Hinze Dam is 161,070 million litres. The dam forms a horseshoe shape around steep hills that are well timbered. It is possible to paddle up each arm about eight kilometres. There are plans to raise the dam wall height by twelve metres or so.

Access to the dam is by road from Nerang via the Nerang-Murwillumbah (Numinbah Valley) road and from Gilston via the Hinze Dam road. There are two boat ramps on east and west side of the dam wall, and a road across the dam wall joins the two northern access roads. Another ramp is on Range Road on the south eastern arm next to a water tower, and a fourth on the south western arm with a sealed bitumen road, and large carpark. Find the entry to the western ramp 7.0 kilometres past the main dam wall entrance road, or half a k past the Black Gully sign on the Nerang to Chillingham road. The old dirt road and ramp a kilometre further south is now, finally, closed off, signposted as closed, and entry excluded with a gate.

No powered craft are permitted on Advancetown Lake. The dam has been stocked with fish, and offers fishing for Bass, Silver Perch, Yellowbelly, and elusive Saratoga and Mary River Cod. Fishermen must use baits which are indigenous to the area- freshwater shrimp, yabbies and earthworms, or lures. There are signs at launch points with details. A permit is required to fish, $40.00 for a year or $5.00 a week. No fishing near the dam wall. Access to all launch points is locked between sunset and sunrise, 6:00am to 6:00pm. No camping.

There is a rowing course marked with bouys on the lake. The dam may be closed to access after heavy rain, if there is a high flow over the spillway.

This location is remarkable for its scenic beauty, with the Beechmont Range above to the west, and Page's Pinnacle rising between the arms of the horseshoe. (see photograph below)

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dam wall looking south from the western ramp, dam wall Page's Pinnacle seen from south-western launch ramp looking north from Water Tower launch point
Dam wall western ramp
eastern ramp view
Pages Pinnacle sw ramp
Water tower SE ramp