GEAR - recommended canoeing stuff
Waterproof sealable bags and cases for glasses, cameras, keys, money, snacks, clothing etc.

Waterproof barrels. Slick the seal inside the lid with water to get a good seal. Silicon compound for o-rings is better. Line with a tough plastic garbage bag.
waterproof containers
Waterproof Bum bag by Seacurebags

Seacure bags are designed in Australia from hi-impact resistant materials, 100% water, dust and crush proof and they float! 

They are easily worn during most outdoor sports activities such as: kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, sail boarding, fishing,
rafting, swimming, snorkeling, and even snow skiing! 

No more having to worry about having your valuables stolen or damaged.  The Seacure bags are designed to safely hold
your mobile phone, keys, camera, glasses, medication, passport, cash and other items when out and about. 

Peace of mind for just $29.95 with free delivery Australia wide.
paddler with bum bag
PFD or Personal Flotation Device, with a safety whistle tied on. PFD
First Aid Kit  
Paddle and spare paddle  
Clothing. Long pants of a quick dry material, keeps you from getting sunburnt legs. Same for a long sleeve shirt. Thermals for warmth  
Torch. Get a LED torch that will last. Put it in a crushproof plastic screwtop jar the same size, and your bulb and wiring will last. Keep a disposable lighter in the same jar.  
Throw bag with 20 metres of floating rope. Practice throwing it.  
Map and compass. GPS  
Soft Esky
Duct tape roll for repairs
Waterproof paddle jacket
Lightweight tarp for shade and rain shelter
Synthetic sleeping bag for overnight camping.