Twin Bridges to Savages Crossing

This section is four kilometres of grade one paddling, from Twin Bridges to Savages Crossing. Savages Crossing is one of the few areas on the river still open as a camping reserve. Access is from Banks Creek Road in the middle of Fernvale township. Access upstream is at Twin Bridges on Wivenhoe Pocket Road, that turns left 500 metres short of the Fernvale Bridge over the Brisbane River. The area just below the low concrete bridge (Twin Bridges) is a good place to practice canoe ferry gliding techniques for crossing rapids. Not recommended in higher water, without a person with rescue throwbag standing downstream, and a spotter.

The river sweeps to the outside of the bend just below, and care must be taken not to get pushed into a large dead tree sticking out into the current. See photograph two below of the snag on the first outside corner. Some 250 metres down from Twin Bridges choose the channel to the right around a small island.

Just past the new road bridge are the remains of the old bridge, but unless you were canoeing here in a moderate flood, they emerge well above water.

The river picks up pace as it shallows out above Savages Crossing so move to the bank of your choice early. If you are going further, make sure that the ropes tied to the bridge span for current surfers are not going to garrotte you, as you pass under the bridge.

The car shuttle up Banks Creek Road to Fernvale, and north along the Brisbane Valley Highway to Wivenhoe Pocket Road and Twin Bridges, is seven kilometres.


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downstream from Twin Bridges snag on first outside corner old Fernvale Bridge Savages Crossing
Twin Bridges
snag on first corner
old bridge
Savages Crossing