Colleges Crossing to Moggill Ferry

Colleges Crossing is the last tidal reach of the Brisbane River, and offers a large safe pool for beginners to paddle a canoe in, above the road bridge. Further upstream is the Mt Crosby weir. Here described is a fifteen kilometre section down to the Moggill Ferry, or alternativley, to Joseph Brady Park, where the Bremer River joins the Brisbane, a kilometre and a half above the ferry. Tide times are Brisbane Bar plus two and a half hours. The full section is not "do able" unless it is two or three hours before and after high tide. The three kilometres from Colleges Crossing down to Kookaburra Park dry right out at low water, down to a depth of 150 millimetres or so, in places.

Just downstream of the road bridge at Colleges Crossing is a new pipeline that can be paddled under at any stage of the tide. See photograph two below. It can be hard to believe that at high tides in summer, a canoe will barely go under the road bridge at high tide.

Access is also at a ramp in Kookaburra Park, Karana Downs, the ramp at Riverside Park, Settlers Way, Karalee, and Joseph Brady Park, Barellan Point. These parks are usually locked to vehicle entry at night, and daytime access is 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, or some similiar variation. Watch out for waterskiers on the river, and if launching or taking out at the Ferry Crossing, wait until the ferry is on the other side of the river. Do not presume on the good humour of the ferry skipper, keep clear as the ferry as no manoeuvering options!

This paddle section from Colleges down to the ferry has a high bank of the northern side for much of its length, that is well timbered, and that lends a truly pleasant aspect to the occasion.


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downstream from Kookaburra Park road bridge and pipeline Colleges Crossing boat ramp Riverside Park, Karalee Moggill Ferry viewed from Joseph Brady Park
Kookaburra Pk ramp
Colleges Crossing
Riverside Pk, Karalee
Moggill Ferry reach