Bulimba Creek

Bulimba Creek has two upstream launch points, at Minippi Parklands, Kate Street, Carina, and Meadowlands Picnic Grounds, Meadowlands Road, Carina. Downstream launch points are either from the canoe ramp in Fleming Road, Hemmant, or further down at the boat ramp at the end of Aquarium Avenue, Hemmant.

The launch from Minippi Parklands is recommended for an upstream launch. From the carpark go anticlockwise around the lake ring path from two o'clock back to twelve o'clock to see the launch ramp. Paddle down to the take out spot at seven o'clock, 250 metres away, then carry 100 metres to the creek ramp. Alternatively carry your boat 250 metres from the carpark down to the ramp, skipping the Minippi Lake paddle. (see far right photograph below). The creek downstream at Hemmant is salt water estuary paddling in a mangrove and salt marsh grass environment, but it is very different upstream. It's about 11.5 kilometres from Fleming Street ramp to Minippi. Aquarium Avenue is 6.0 kilometres below Fleming Street ramp, and the furthermost upstream pontoon at Meadowlands Picnic Grounds is 1.5 kilometres above Minippi.

The river vegetation downstream from the Minippi Parklands ramp has an unusually lush tropical river garden look to it. For a couple of kilometres the creek looks to be a world away from an urban setting. White lillies grow in the water, small palm trees on the bank. On one trip a couple of large carpet snakes were seen on tree branches out above the water. The creek really narrows down here, and the tide can push water through at a strong pace, so much so that children should not be in a boat by themselves here when the tide is flooding.

Two hours before and after high tide are the recommended paddling times. The creek always feels more alive when the water is moving towards the full tide. Have a good paddle.


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looking downstream from Aquarium Ave. ramp Minippi Parklands launch upstream vegetation map of Minippi
Aquarium Ave. ramp
Minippi Parklands pond
Bulimba Ck near Minippi
Minippi map