Brisbane River upper reaches

Update 04 December 2008 river weed flushed out by flooding Lockyer Creek (enters above Lowood) The weed information is left here for future reference (for when it grows back)

12 March 2007 .... a low water and weed infestation warning from a recent paddler

.....from Twin Bridges down to Burtons was just too hard.  There were just so many sections of weed infestation, sometimes over 100m long - and although there was banks to portage along sometimes it wasn't always easy... And although there were areas where there a route that had been used before - it was still hard work......

  Update 08 April ..... the section from Savages Crossing to Burtons Bridge now included a 300 - 400 metres long section which completely blocks the river. A strong adult paddler said they would not have done the section if they had known how hard it was to break through. The banks are steep and portage is not an easy alternative. This weed can grow one metre thick above the water, and will support the weight of an adult.  
  hyacinth weed  
close up hyacinth weed


map of Brisbane River upper reaches
Brisbane River lower reaches
map of lower reaches brisbane River
Brisbane River - CBD to mouth
CBD to river mouth