Bramble Bay

Bramble Bay lies at the mouth of North Pine River, with Brighton to the south, and Redcliffe to the east. This is tidal estuary paddling, and the eastern part is open water exposed to Moreton Bay waves and wind. It offers pleasant paddling with the opportunity to explore several large creeks. As this area is used by power craft, particularly on weekends, it is wise to be prepared for wake and wash. The type of canoe suitable for less than fair conditions here, swings away from favouring the sit on top kayak and Canadian canoe to estuary kayak and sea kayak for their lower wind resistance, ability to push through a wave, and spraydeck to stay dry.

Access is from the Houghton Highway at Brighton Park, left at the traffic lights just short of the bridge to Redcliffe, and from the end of Dohles Rocks Road. Tinchi Tamba is next door, to the west, upriver. At low water the Pine River narrows to 100 metres as it enters Bramble Bay, and Brighton Park launch beach is over half a kilometres from the water.

Freshwater Creek to the north is recommended for a paddle. In the photograph above the entrance to Freshwater Creek is just right of the right pole, centre, on the old Hornibrook Highway bridge. The entrance to Freshwater remains shallow, even as the tide rises. There is a deeper water entrance as the satellite photo below shows, but high tide is recommended if you don't want to fight a sucking bottom drag. Keep twenty metres clear of the shoreline as you paddle down to the entrance to Freshwater Creek, or beyond. There are tree stumps just under the water, and a wave may pick you up and dump you sideways on top of the stump. Bald Hills Creek is a good paddle if the chop is too much to cross over towards Freshwater (should apply only to Canadian canoes).

At the northern end of Bramble Bay is Hay's Inlet, and Saltwater Creek. It is 2.5 kilometres from Brighton Park to the mouth of Freshwater Creek, and 8.5 kilometres more to where Saltwater Creek runs under Anzac Avenue in the suburb of Rothwell.

On longer paddle trips consider the effects of falling tides and strong winds. In the creeks it may be sheltered, but the open stretches may be tough paddling if the wind picks up. Two hours before and after a high tide are recommended for creek paddling. If returning at higher tide to a launch place on Dohles Rocks Road, it may be necessary to go further upstream, if waves are breaking onto the small concrete ramps at the eastern end of the road. Bring an old cloth to wipe down your boat after, have a tarp or plastic garbage bag to dump wet gear into in your car, and a dry change of clothes.


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Looking across to Redcliffe Brighton Park deepwater entrance to Freshwater Creek looking towards the bridge to Redcliffe
view of Redcliffe
Brighton Park
Freshwater Creek entrance
bridge to Redcliffe
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