Moreton Bay - Victoria Point to Blaksley Anchorage

Half way up North Stradbroke Island from the bar at Jumpinpin on the southern tip, to Amity on the north western corner is Blaksleys Anchorage. If you are travelling north from the camping grounds at The Bedroom on South Stradbroke Island, this will be a good stopover site. Blakesley's Anchorage used to be a little bite sized bay on the shore. About thirty years ago, the high steep dunes right behind the shoreline slipped, and a slump of sand created a flat fan like feature. It was planted with gum trees by the mining company who had leasehold on the land, but the site itself is Crown Land. The mining lease has a boundary a 100 metres or so inland, and they don't want to see you trespass. That puts Blaksley's Lagoon over the dunes inland, out of reach. This is a sweet shady campsite, treat it nicely. The cicadas here have a electric saw shrill like I have heard no where else.

If you are visiting from the mainland, the closest launch point is Victoria Point. Use your street directory to find the ferry ramp, and launch from the sandy beach immediately south. There is a sloping concrete road down to the sand in the near corner of the boat trailer park.

Stay clear of the passenger and vehicular ferries. They don't have much room to manoeuvre as there are shallow mud banks between the ramp and Coochiemudlo Island, only a kilometre away.

When you are at the ramp on Victoria Point, and you look at the northern tip of Macleay Island (Coondooroopa Point) the shoreline of North Stradbroke in the background in your line of sight with the tip, is Blaksley's, bearing 74 degrees M, 254 degrees M coming back. (see photograph above)

In a straight line, Macleays tip is 4.2 kilometres, another 4.8 to North Straddie. To allow for tide, arc south slightly on an ebb, and north on a flood. If paddling from Blaksleys to Victoria Point, choose your line with these guides. Keep Coochiemudlo a kilometre away to your right. Victoria Point is heavily treed. Look for the dark green blob of trees on the far shore, and aim for the southern end of it. That's the concrete ramp. You will want to go south ten metres around the rock retaining wall to the beach.

If going north, Dunwich is eight and Peel Island nine kilometres along the coast. Watch out for oyster lease stakes along the shallows for a couple of kilometres north of Blaksley's.

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Coochiemudlo from Victoria Point launch beach Victoria Point north tip Macleays Island offshore from Blaksley's offshore from Blaksley's behind the beach Blaksley's Macleay left, Coochie right, Victoria Point left of boat (far)
Cleveland Point
view to mainland